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Lower Back Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor

This is a condition everyone in the world is probably going to have at some stage in their lives according to this site. Lower back pain most of the time is of a mechanical cause, but of course can be bone pain from cancer. If you have backache in your lumbar spine then a non-pharmaceutical approach would be to have manual therapy. Most people think only of the physiotherapist however there are another group of doctors called chiropractors.

chiropractorA chiropractor is rained to assess and treat spinal pain and conditions. They don’t prescribe mediation and they don’t perform injections or back surgery. These are a alternative doctors trained at universities around the world with Chiropractic degree.

Having seen some chiropractors recently on a trip I got to learn more about this healthcare profession. I learnt that they have a variety of treatment techniques. This includes the “adjustment” which is when they click your spine as a primary treatment modality. However, they won’t always use this option and can perform spinal manipulation using a tool called an activator. This medical device uses mechanical vibration to stimulate the joints which in turn stimulate the nerve. Relaxing a pinched nerve can help relax muscle spasm in the back. They also use mobilisation, massage, electrical therapies like ultrasound, inter-ferrential current or low-level laser therapy.

I was very happy with my consultation and treatment which included some handy back exercises, stretches and lifestyle tips. To learn more about what is Chiropractic visit this website